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Fall protection

Transparancy and durability, that’s what an architect is looking for. A beautifully designed bridge or staircase deserves a fall protection which keeps the transparancy of the design. Because of this Stainless Steel wire ropes are used most often with the matching end terminations. The wire ropes within this segment are made out of AISI316 material which is known for it’s corrosion resistance. These characteristics make sure that the ropes can be used in the outside environment without compromising the strength of the wire ropes.

Green facades

In urban areas the need for green façades is growing. For this reason the “vertical gardens” are upcoming. Roodenberg Staalkabels supplies a variety of possibilities to make this happen. You can think about the wire ropes itself but also the wall supports can be supplied by us. This makes it possible to get a complete system from us. The items are made out of AISI316. As a standard endtermination we pick one of the solutions from Blue Wave. You can check out the options within this range here.

Membrame architecture

It’s getting more often to see sunshades made out of PVC, PTFE or Acrylat. These structures are tensioned with wire ropes. These can be permanent structures so that a stainless version is needed or temparary solutions which can work with the galvanised steel wire ropes or even the basic ratchet straps. Whatever you need, Roodenberg Staalkabels B.V. offers you all of the possibilities. Complete with rigging screws, bottlescrews or other tension devices. Please let our engineers inform you.

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