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Steel wire ropes assembled

Assembled wire ropes in bulk

One of the thriving forces of Roodenberg Staalkabels B.V. is making the end assemblation of the wire ropes. Most of these ropes are made on customer order. This means that the ropes are made with all kinds of end terminations.

To work efficiently Roodenberg Staalkabels has special machines and tooling. Therefore it is possible to offer all quantities against competitive pricing.

Small wire ropes can be supplied in all sizes and diameter from 0,5 mm and up. If needed for special requirements we can always have something produced for your demands.

Container wire ropes

For various types of container systems we produce the container wire ropes. Most of them in the diameter of 15,8 mm with a length of 9,6 or 10,6 meter. Other lengths or special diameters can also be supplied by us.

The standard versions are from stock available because of pre-production. Deliverytime therefore is only days. Oval thimbles are the standard but of course we can also supply you with other thimbles such as stub-end thimbles.

Wire ropes for cranes

We have a large variety of technical crane cables available. In different constructions and with high breakloads. These versions are rotation resistant and possibly even compacted. All these types of wire rope can be fitted with talurit clamps and thimbles. Next to that we can use open or closed spelter sockets. We can supply spare wedge sockets or mount them for you. For every crane we can offer you it’s own solution.

For specific information you can contact our sales engineers.

Sheet piling slings

For the standard sheet piling procedure we use a specific sheet piling wire rope. This rope is fitted with thimbles on both ends and a protective mid-area which prevents the rope from getting damaged by the sheet. The system has good abrasion resistance and has therefore a good longevity. It is an easy system to inspect. There are 3 standard sizes in this system with workingloads of 4,5 Ton, 6,0 Ton and 8,4 Ton.

Looking for your sheet pilling ropes? Please let us know.

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