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Steel wire ropes on reel

Galvanised wire ropes

In order to protect wire ropes against corrosion these wire ropes are galvanised. In this process there is an additional layer of zinc on the surface. This layer protects the wire rope to environmental factors. There are a lot of wire rope constructions available, such as: 6×7+pp, 7×7, 6×19+pp, 6×19+SE, 7×19, 6×36, 1 x 19 and many more. The wire ropes can be supplied greased or dry.

Coated steel wire ropes

A lot of wire ropes are made with a coating. This can be to avoid the wire rope to go over a sharp edge. On the other hand it can be used in a dynamic environment in which the abrasion gets less when using a coating. The colour of the coating can vary from transparant until black, blue or red. Looking for something special? Or a coating different then the standard PA, PVC or PP, please let us know!

Stainless Steel wire ropes

Stainless Steel versions of wire rope are used a lot in the outside environment. This because of the corrossion resistance which is high. Next to that the wire ropes stay “shiny” due to the polished outside look. The wire ropes are used as fall protection in bridges and staircases. Next to that Stainless Steel wire ropes are used in yachting. The most common constructions are available, such as; 7×7, 7×19, 6x36WS+IWRC and construction 1×19.

Black wire ropes

Within the theatrical Rigging the use of black wire rope is quite common. These wire ropes are coated with a black layer. The result is that the wire rope can be used unseen. Next to the theatrical Rigging the wire ropes are used a lot in pieces of art or other architectural applications. Standard available from 3 mm up to 10 mm in a 7×19 construction.

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