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Testing and certification

Testing in-house or at your location

Roodenberg Staalkabels adopts the most diverse hoisting and lifting tools, but also electric tools, ladders and offshore materials.

As a member of the EKH, the inspections of hoisting and lifting tools are carried out in accordance with the guidelines drawn up for this purpose: the EKH work instructions.
We carry out inspections both at home and on location.

A test cabinet has been developed especially for inspecting ratchet and chain hoists in which both a dynamic and static load test can be carried out.

A combination of these 2 tests saves time and maximizes the operation and safety of the approved hoists.

NEN3140 testing

Inspections of electrical tools take place according to NEN 3140.

Electrically powered hoisting tools can thus be tested according to the EKH work instructions and the electrical NEN 3140 standard, all at one company.

In addition, electric hand tools such as drills and extension cords can of course also be offered for inspection.

Inspections of ladders and climbing equipment are carried out by trained personnel.

Approving is a matter of mutual trust between the customer and the inspection body. Roodenberg Steel cables will never replace or destroy rejected materials without consulting the customer.
Often repairing is indeed worthwhile and is therefore also proposed.

Crane testing

The inspection of cranes must take place annually according to working instructions of the ECA. Our EKH-inspector assesses (the safety of) cranes in factory halls and also permanently installed hoisting cranes outside, such as:
– Overhead cranes (top or bottom)
– Portal cranes (column or wall)
– Jib cranes
– Suspension systems (monorail systems)
All hoists connected to the aforementioned cranes and fixed hoists.
What does the inspection mean:
– Inspection and assessment of the crane with regard to safety
– Check the steel cable or chain
– Test with weight, tap on the basis of 110%
– Inspection electrical installation according to NEN3140
– Reporting
– Mark the crane book

Testing according to EKH conditions

The EKH (Approved Certification Companies for Hoisting and Lifting Products) has set itself the goal of putting the legal standards and guidelines for hoisting and lifting equipment into practice in an unequivocal manner. To this end, work instructions have been drawn up with the official rules and guidelines, supplemented by further requirements arising from the specific knowledge and experience within the hoisting and lifting equipment sector. This combination offers a very good guarantee for an adequate delivery and inspection by the EKH members.

The EKH membership is subject to the requirement that the inspection company has an ISO 9000 certificate. Member companies are assessed annually by an independent auditor. Among other things, compliance with the work regulations and the execution of the inspections carried out is checked and the expertise of the inspectors is assessed. If a client is not satisfied with how the inspection is performed, then an independent complaints committee can be called upon.
Specifically for the offshore, in a number of cases different regulations apply for the inspection of hoisting tools, including hoists. In addition, the standard EN 12079 / DNV sets 2.7.1. special requirements for the inspection of transport containers, skids, baskets and associated lifting sets. In addition to these inspection requirements, the design is also described. Inspections of offshore hoisting materials are carried out in IJmuiden by Roodenberg Staalkabels BV and in Den Helder by the sister company HOC Versteeg Testing BV. From the Den Helder location, 24-hour service is provided and staff are also qualified to carry out the test work on work platforms in the North Sea. With self-developed hydraulic auxiliary tools, lifting points applied to steel constructions (path-eyes) load test.

A big advantage of this hydraulic simulation is that no test weights are needed and no crane needs to be rented.
Immediately afterwards, magnetic hair crack research can be carried out by certified employees.

Both from IJmuiden and Den Helder, inspections can take place on location.

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