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Tirfor wire rope

As an official dealer for Tirfor wire rope pulling devices we can supply you with new devices, service and certification. The Tirfor devices are used for tensioning, puling and lifting of loads.

The range starts at 100 kg and ends at a use of 3200 kg. In the bigger sizes ofcourse the Tirfor is extra heavy and robust, but in some cases the version with a lighter housing might be your solution. All types come with a certificate. Next to that they can have a certification which allows you to use it as a lifting device.

For replacement of spareparts it is needed to fullfill the producers guidelines.

For the Tirfor devices we can also supply a lot of accessories such as blocks, pulleys and more. The wire rope lengths can also be “custom”.

Compliant to the Tirfor, Tractel also offers the electrical Minifor and Tirak.

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