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Steel chain

As an official dealer for the Gunnebo brand, made in Sweden, we supply the classic Grade 8 range as well as the revolutionary Grabiq Grade 10.

Next to the standard components where the traditional versions are made of, the Grabiq version has an additional range. This range is a piece of smart engineering and offers a reduction in parts for each lifting configuration. This results also in a cheaper version which is also more practical in use: less parts and abrassion points and less mounting and certification. Due to the multifunctional character of Grabiq it is likely to use less configurations to complete the lifting operations.

If the Gunnebo lifting range doesn’t fit your need then we might have other options from the different ranges we have. For advise you can contact our engineers to find your solution.

Dyneema chain

The “Chain of evolution” it is called. The change from steel chain to fiber chain. Not polyester or polyamide but Dyneema®, this material is called an UHMPE. Dyneema® is known for it’s low own weight and high break load. Next to that the material has no set-back at break. This results in a safer operation.

The Dyneema® chains can be used in various ways. The lifting of a load is naturally one of the purposen, the lashing however is also a very good option for the Dyneema® chain. To use this you can use a loadbinder or a special Dyneema® ratchetstrap set. Ask our engineers for the options.

The Dyneema® chain is DNV approved. You can find more information here.

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